How to write a recruit message

When you are trying to recruit officers, you usually send out a recruit message to the people you want to invite to join. Now the question is: How do you write a good recruit message and what should your message contain? I’ve compiled a checklist for you to use to check if your message has the potential to be successfull.

1. Your message should be unique

I could just write up a good recruit message and share it here for you all to use. However that would not work very well, because the message would be used by other people too and it would not stand out anymore. You want your message to stand out and be unique, because it will give you a better chance of success. So don’t copy someone else’s message and use it as your own, because it will appear to the reader of the message as a generic message in which you have put in no effort. And they would be right about it too!

Some players I know have actually created images just by using signs like: %,*=/…. to embellish their recruit message. That sort of stuff also catches people’s attention and will make it stand out compared to the other messages they receive. So if you’re any good at this, you can give that a try too.

This article is written in a certain order, but you don’t have to stick to this order to write your message. Of course starting with a salutation is the logical thing to do, but you can make your message stand out if you change the order of things in your message. Of course, it must still look like a coherent message and not like jibberish.

2. Make the message personal

When you start with your salutation, you speak to them directly. You say something like “Hello [insert name]” or “Dear [insert name]”, rather than just saying “Hello”. It makes the message more personal because you directly speak to the reader. You don’t want your reader to think of your message as a message that just happened to land in his or her inbox. You want the reader to feel as though you speak directly to them and that the message was intended for them.

3. Introduce yourself

You have never talked to the person you are writing to, so it is polite to introduce yourself. You can introduce yourself by using your real name rather than your screenname, because that makes you look like a real person and humanbeing rather than some random accountname in an online game. This makes it easier for the reader to relate to you and to who you are, which increases your chances of recruiting them.

When introducing yourself, you can also give up some personal info like your age, profession, nationality, languages you speak, hobbies,… and so on. When choosing what info to share in your message, you should always consider whether the info you are including will help with how you want to be perceived by the reader.

For example: If want to bring accross the message to the reader that you are experienced in the game and then go on and include you are 15 years old, it would probably come accross as though you are not that experienced because of that age. Even if the opposite is true and you are in fact very experienced, the first impression will be that you are not just because of that age. Of course if someone asks for your age, and you are 15, then you should not lie about that.

4. What can SR offer new recruits

When you invite someone to join, they also join the alliance and joining an alliance comes with certain benefits. This can go from the stats logger script (GO) and the clicker (YAR), to access to the private chatrooms and forums which includes guides and tips on how to become successful in Kings of Chaos. Becoming part of a community and that community protecting eachother is also something people are often looking for.

More often than not, these are the things that players are interested in, so it is important that you share with them the benefits of being part of SR in your recruit message. It is advised that you don’t type long sentences about each of these benefits, because that would stop the reader from actually reading. A short explanation in one short sentence of each of these benefits is enough to give the reader a good idea of what SR can offer them.

5. What can YOU offer new officers

This one is probably the most important one when it comes to seperating yourself from the other recruiters out there. When recruiting, you are competing with other alliances, but you are also competing with other SR members who are also recruiting. So you want to find the right kind of officers that will suit you and for who you would be the best commander in SR.

I obviously can not possibly write this part for you, because it is unique for everyone. However, I can propose you ask yourself some questions that will tell you what makes you unique and stand out as a commander for your officers.

Ask yourself these questions:
What is your history in the game? When did you start playing? How long have you been in SR? What is your rank within SR? What are your goals? What style do you play? What are you looking for in an officer? clicks? activity?… What kind of commander will you be for your prospect officer? Will he be able to contact you? Will you be active as a commander?

When answering the above questions, it’s important you are honest to yourself. If for example you will rarely be on IRC to chat, then be honest about that to yourself and don’t include that they will be able to find you there for help all the time, when the opposite is going to be true.

A tip I would like to share regarding this is the following: If you have something to offer as a player, it is good to give a sample to show the prospect you are someone who doesn’t just talk the talk, but also someone who walks the walk.

6. Include your commander change link

If you’re new to the game, then it can be hard to find how you have to do everything and where you have to find everything. That is why it is very important to make things as easy as possible for your prospect officers. If you want them to join you as officer, then you include your exact ‘commander change link’ in your message.

7. Encourage interaction

To have the best chance of successfully recruiting a prospect officer, it can increase your chances massively if you can find out what your prospect is looking for in an alliance and in a commander. You can only find out what they want by asking them questions and by learning more about the prospect.

In my recruit messages I always make sure there’s an invitation for interaction in there by asking them a question. Even if the first response is negative, you can always give it another try and ask why and possibly use arguments to try and make the prospect see why joining makes sense. Sometimes prospects simply don’t know how alliances work and they might think you need something from them, and that’s where you can come in and explain more detailed how everything works.

I hope these tips and pointers will help you write your recruit message and I hope it will improve your success in recruiting officers. The recruit message is just one factor in recruiting successfully, so note that there’s other factors such as the effort you have to put in and who you target when recruiting.