Tips and tricks to play KoC

Kings of Chaos is a relatively simple and straightforward game of stealing gold and building your army and armory. However, there are a lot of subtle tricks that can help you become a better and more experienced player. I have gathered many years of experience in KoC now, and in this time I have learned quite a few tricks and subtle things about the game, that have helped me improve as a player. In this section, I will share with you some tips and tricks to improve yourself as a KoC player. Click the tip to get more elaborate explanation about it, if available.

1. Buy Chariots and Dragonskins in stead of Blackpowder Missiles and Invisibility Shields. They give you more strength for your gold.
2. Conquest first before your Strike Action (SA) gets too high and repaircosts get too high.
3. Do each conquest exactly 62 times to make the most of each one!
4. Make sure your SA is at least 2.3 times as high as the ‘opponent strength’ when conquesting. e.g. Wolves ‘opponent strength’ = 100 so your SA must be 230 or higher.
5. Use your Experience Points for Technology Development upgrade (not Economy because that’s useless). Tech upgrade is found in the Training page.
6. Upgrade Conscription Rate (Training page) to increase the daily growth of your TFF.
7. Train your untrained soldiers to attack specialists to avoid losing them when you’re under attack.
8. Buy mercenaries to prevent normal soldiers (that contribute to your TBG) from dying. Mercs die first!
9. Your gold income (TBG) is based on Army Size. Bigger Total Fighting Force (TFF) = more income. Install GO to click and increase your TFF! (steps to install can be found in ‘notice from commander’ in your command center). Go also helps to find better targets to attack for more gold.
10. Zoom out YAR by clicking Ctrl + scroll down, to improve the visibility of the image and consequently improve your clickspeed (CPM).