My time in Sweet Revenge

Age 14 – My introduction in SR
I started my journey in SR in april 2011 during Age 14 when I got recruited by Fresh_ve, a Belgian SR member who was a fantastic recruiter. He introduced me to the new Kings of Chaos which had changed a lot since the last time I played many years before. I soon became a regular in the IRC chat channels of SR and I got to know the other members of the alliance.

When I joined SR, there were still a few months to go in Age 14 and in that time I learned a lot about the game: how to recruit officers, how to build an army, what stats to buy to get ahead,… I was mainly interested in buying Spy because I wanted to be able to do scans for other SR members. These scans and activity on IRC as well as my activity on the SR forums, got me noticed by the SR leaders who promoted me to a rank called apprentice, a rank within SR that does not exist anymore but you can compare it to the Tier 2- rank of today.

Age 14 Statistics:
My personal endrank: #153
SR main account: Negotiator-SR (who replaced another mid-age)
Main’s endrank: #2
SR’s alliance rank: #2

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Age 15 – The SR reformation
By the time age 15 started, I had a large number of officers (over 50 at least) and thanks to them I was able to grow my account fast. Only a week into Age 15, SR organized a mass raid on TheGodFather_LaCN, the main account of rival alliance La Cosa Nostra. LaCN’s  obvious response was to declare war against SR. The war was pretty even at first, but eventually it ended in LaCN’s favour after the intervention of LaCN’s allies LoP. I had sold off my account to Chiefrocka during this war, because I was going away on holiday for 3 weeks during that war and I figured my gold would be more useful in an account that was going to be able to war the whole time. When I wasn’t on holiday, I learned a lot about warring and I gained a lot of war experience.

After the war, I rebuilt my account and went on a major recruiting spree. At one point I had almost 150 active officers. This obviously gave my account a lot of potential to become really big in the next age.

SR went through some major changes in Age 15. Many leaders and old time SR players quit the game, a group of strong players left and formed an alliance called Against All Authority (AaA) and all these changes left SR at a crossroads. Under the leadership of shk1020, Hacker and Poseidon, SR was reformed. The current SR ranking system (the Tiers) was setup and the time had come for newer SR members to step up and decide the direction of SR in the future. I was considered one of those new generation SR members and so I was asked to be a War Squad Assistant. Soon after this promotion, I was promoted again, this time to War Squad Leader, a rank that is equivalent to today’s Tier 3 rank. As a war squad leader I wrote and rewrote several warguides that concerned the topics of massing (raiding), sabbing and slaying in war. Together with my two War Squad Lieutenants, a system that indicated the threat level of war was setup. It was a lot of fun to be able to set something up like that and to get people interested in the war squad.

The rebuild of SR went on succesfully and my own account was also growing in potential with Age 16 in the back of my mind. Quite shortly before the end of age 15, I was promoted to the rank of Advisor, which is the rank just below the rank of Leader. Poseidon had quit and shk1020 and Hacker were not planning to lead SR in Age 16 (they just wanted to play an advisory role) and the only active leader left was old time SR leader GridironGrace. New leaders were needed and Halcyon-SR, another SR advisor who had moved up the SR ranks quickly during age 15, and myself were promoted to the rank of Leader right before Age 16 started. Age 15 ended with rank #2 for Venom-SR (Hacker) who had started the age as first trickle but who was forced to become the main account when the original main account, Prinzip-SR (TheJew), got banned. I ended ranked #1,807 after selling off my account to TheDragonReborn-SR (GridironGrace) who then sold off to Venom-SR to secure rank #2.

Age 15 Statistics:
My personal endrank: #1807
SR main account: Venom-SR (who replaced Prinzip-SR mid-age)
Main’s endrank: #2
SR’s alliance rank: #2

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Age 16 – The golden age
In Age 16, SR had a great start of the age with a lot of growth for the main, Phoenix-SR (GridironGrace) and trickle accounts Halcyon-SR, Sharabash-SR and many others. I had started the age as Phoenix-SR’s officer and was growing 5th or 6th in the game with only mains and first trickles of SR and LaCN growing faster. Credit for that impressive growth must go to my large and amazing group of officers who helped a lot with building my account that age. After a few months, I moved into the second trickle spot for a few months which was later taken over by Ele-SR (EleX). SR’s growth had been fantastic and we were in a strong position to win the age.

A few months into the age, an issue with an inchain ally of LaCN led to SR declaring war on LaCN and their allies Inglorious Basterds (IB). Thanks to the amazing effort of the SR members and with LaCN having some internal issues with a few large accounts of theirs getting banned, SR finally won a war against La Cosa Nostra. After this war, SR were clear favourites to win the age with the Phoenix-SR having a lot more value and TFF than any of the rivals and with half of the top 20 values in KoC being SR members too. I had a top 5 TFF account and went on to be unhittable for most of the remainder of the age. This meant I was able to build a lot of value in my account. When the End of Age timer appeared, we decided to try and take both rank #1 and #2 for SR. I decided to sell my account, which was worth around 2 trillion at the time, to Halcyon-SR (there’s a funny story about this, which I will share with you later in one of my news updates :p) so that he could take rank #2. He indeed did end up taking rank #2 from TheGodFather_LaCN, who was the only non-SR account that finished in the top 5 that age. All the top races, except for one (‘Undead’ went to Wulfric from R0FL), also went to SR members and 9 SR members ended on the first page of the rankings (Top 20).

Overall the age was a big success and what I considered the biggest success was the fact that SR had shown and proven it could compete and even win rank #1 without cheating. Bans had been something of a cloud over SR’s past but I always believed that SR had a lot of potential and simply didn’t need to cheat to compete. I considered it counterproductive and a waste of that potential, and that is why I was so happy that SR proved this in the best possible way.

My personal endranking was #146 after selling 1.5 trillion out of my 2 trillion-valued account to Halcyon-SR. The rest of the 500 billion remained in my account, all invested in Sentry. I was planning to sell that too at the very end of the age, but I missed the Age ending because the timer came up at a time I was not having access to my computer.

Age 16 Statistics:
My personal endrank: #146
SR main account: Phoenix-SR
Main’s endrank: #1
SR’s alliance rank: #1

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Age 17 –  A break from KoC
After a very successful Age 16, it was always going to be hard to match those achievements in the new age. Halcyon had stepped down from leadership at the start of this age, and GridironGrace who had just secured SR’s win, also took some time off after a long and tiring age. I remained leader but I wasn’t going to be in a trickle spot nor was I planning to build an account as big as the age before. I joined new SR leader and main account, Alpha-SR (EleX), and started building another well-sized account.

A few months into Age 17, I realized I wasn’t able to fullfil the tasks of a leader anymore because of my real life commitments. I run my own business and I couldn’t combine leading SR/playing KoC while also commiting myself to my obligations for my business. I felt like I had to make a choice and I obviously chose my business as more important so I decided to step down from leadership and quit KoC. I sold my account to Thinh who bought the 20K conscription with the gold, and I deleted my account under the main account of SR who ended up with my officers. That was my role in Age 17.

Age 17 turned out to be one with all kinds of issues. SR’s leadership changed several times during the age which obviously isn’t ideal for the stability of an alliance. After I had stepped down, EleX remained the only leader who had started the age as leader and none of the leaders from age 16 were actively leading anymore. New leaders were needed and Sharabash, Thinh, a5ryninja and krieper all became part of SR’s leadership during this age.

When the end of Age 17 was near, I was starting to have more time again and I was thinking about coming back and playing again in the upcoming age. Age 17 had been a rollercoaster for SR with highs and lows (winning and losing in wars) and it had unfortunately ended in disappointment. The End of Age timer was only up for a short time (I believe it was up for just 30 minutes) and our main account, Alpha-SR, did not have the opportunity to hold weapons/tools and to make the necessary moves to end higher and possibly even aim for rank #1.

Age 17 Statistics:
My personal endrank: n/a
SR main account: Alpha-SR
Main’s endrank: #10
SR’s alliance rank: #2

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Age 18 – The one with no timer
After a nearly age-long break, I decided to return to KoC and play a relatively small account to help Sweet Revenge in wars and to help recruiting for SR while at peace. Of course this got a bit out of hand and I ended up with a semi-large account. By the time the age was ending I had a 5 million Total Fighting Force. I returned to SR as a  ‘Retired Veteran’, which is a rank reserved for former leaders and advisors. With that rank you are not a final decission maker, but you are an advisor and you offer your advice from your experience  as a former leader.

After a difficult Age 17, SR had chosen Sharabash-SR to play the main account in Age 18 and so I started the age as his officer. Growthwise SR had a good start of the age. When I  returned to SR, I learned that SR and NGF had become close allies in the previous age. Going into age 18, two leaders of NGF, Kurupt and Bogdanel, were going to play a prominent role in the SR-NGF partnership, with Kurupt as first trickle and Bogdanel as main slayer. Kurupt however had to attend to his responsabilities in real life and after a while, SR leader Pepsels took over the first trickle spot.

After a couple of months of building accounts, there was a conflict between the FoD/AaA/NWO chain and the LaCN/GLD chain. By that time I had made Boena my commander to reward her for her efforts. She was a loyal officer of mine in earlier ages and she was also someone who clicked a lot and who recruited many SR members. She remained my commander for most of the age.

Anyway, a few weeks into this war, SR also got involved in this war after a dispute with LaCN inchain allies Gladiators. This caused a war between LaCN and Gladiators on one side and the FoD/AaA/NWO chain and SR on the other side. After a war that lasted about 6 weeks, in which I personally topped the sab missions count on SR’s side (brag intended 🙂 ) LaCN accepted SR’s terms of surrender and peace was restored.

From that point on SR went almost an entire year without getting involved in any wars. One of the reasons for this ‘peace’ was a deal between SR and war alliance FoD. The exact terms of this deal have been disputed by both sides, but it was certainly considered a controversial deal in which one alliance would back the other and vice-versa in case of wars. I wrote peace between ‘ ‘ because despite this peace there were a lot of battlefield issues in Age 18. Because I disagreed with how some of those issues were handled caused, I decided to demote myself from the Retired Veteran rank to the New Recruit rank.

During age 18, FoD’s aggressive style had also gotten them involved in a war with the R0FL chain. When R0FL surrendered after 2,5 months, it was again LaCN’s who declared war against FoD’s chain. This war was an important one for the outcome of the age. According to FoD’s leaders, SR were obligated to enter the war on FoD’s side because of the agreement that was made earlier. SR however disputed this and said not all terms were met. This resulted in FoD striking a deal with LaCN in stead. They quickly made a peacedeal with eachother and then declared war on SR.  In this war SR had the upperhand in terms of stats and numbers. On a personal level I was able to add to my sab missions count to make sure I topped that chart for Age 18.

However we were unable to foresee the ending that the KoC admins had in mind for Age 18. Without any kind of warning and without any timer, the age was abruptly ended which meant SR’s main account, Sharabash – who was still favourite to win the age at that point, despite being in a high AAT/high repairs war – , was unable to hold his DA weapons or rearrange stats to finish the age ranked #1. In stead it was Ghoulavenger a.k.a. ignatius, member of the peaceful LGC chain, who ended up as the unlikely winner of age 18. Sharabash ranked #13 despite having more value and despite the much larger TFF.

Age 18 Statistics:
My personal endrank: #77
SR main account: Sharabash-SR
Main’s endrank: #13
SR’s alliance rank: #3

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Age 19 – Back to winning ways
The start of the new age brought some changes in KoC and in SR. For the first time ever, the KoC admins announced at the beginning of the age that Age 19 would last 4 months. After a couple of extremely long ages, this was a very nice and welcome surprise for the KoC community. I have to admit that I was still sceptical whether the age would actually end when the KoC admins had promised it would end, but it did and I was happy about that.

SR also went through some changes. Pepsels, who was the only remaining leader, got Lummie and Zigigy by his side to take SR into the new age. One of their first achievements was to strike a partnership with Against All Authority (AaA) who joined the SR chain. Brandonito, who had built an enormous account in the previous age, was considered to be in the best position to play the main account in Age 19 and so even though he had only joined at the start of Age 18, he was picked to play the main account.

I was going to play as Brandonito’s officer and I was going to click, recruit and participate in wars whenever I had the time. The most important thing for me this age was the way SR was going to present itself in BF issues, especially in comparison to the previous age. Together with AaA we were planning to go into this new age with a fair but assertive attitude towards alliances that would try to take advantage of us. This got us involved in two wars in just four months.

In the first war SR/AaA declared on LaCN/FoD and after a month of fighting, a truce was reached and peace was restored. During this war I did not have a lot of time, though I did have a decent sized account. I decided to sell the value in my account to people who had more time and I chose to keep banking during the war and regularly sell to other SR and AaA members to get them in range of new targets or to help them reduce the amount of sabbers on them. This worked quite well and I enjoyed this new way (for me at least) of participating in the war.

The second war – which started a month after the first one ended – actually initiated when a faction called BERN, which was basically a group of rogues, decided to target SR. This attracted the interest of some prominent people in FoD who decided to participate with BERN which lead to SR/AaA and LaCN/FoD and also Gladiators this time to cross swords again. The war was short and ended when the age ended less than 2 weeks after the start of this war. This time I did participate more with sabs again and at the end of the age I had used up all my turns on raiding and sabbing the enemy until the last second of the age.

With SR and LaCN being at war for almost half the age and with R0FL remaining peaceful during the entire age, Dark_Mirage from R0FL was going to be the main challenger for rank #1, especially because we were going to be warring until the last second of the age and Brandonito would be forced to wait to hold his DA to avoid massive repaircosts from raids.

On a personal note, I had sold off to Pepsels who had accumulated sells from several accounts to sell it on to Brandonito. A lot of people volunteered to sell to Brandonito to get SR the win and Brandonito also managed the SR main account very well and he was able to end #1 in each stat. This brought home the win for SR for the first time since Age 16.

Age 19 Statistics:
My personal endrank: #677
SR main account: Brandonito
Main’s endrank: #1
SR’s alliance rank: #2

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Age 20 – Two in a row
For Age 20 there was no announced age length. This worried me a little bit that we would go back to those extremely long ages. The start of Age 20 did not go smooth because of a hacker who took advantage of a gamefeature which forced the KoC mods and admins to ban some high profile innocent accounts. After making some changes to the game, the KoC admins reset Age 20 after 1 day and everybody could start on a level playing field.

I had joined Aggie-SR who was chosen to play the main account in Age 20. Aggie joined SR during Age 18 as Brandonito’s officer and he – like Brandonito – was a very dedicated clicker and recruiter that had built himself a large account. He was presented the opportunity to be the first player to give SR back to back age wins. That had not been done yet.

SR’s growth was very good again and our “old” allies AaA and our new allies Legion Hispana (LH) and APEX also contributed to that. My own growth was decent too and I had another midsized/semi-large account on my hands. The age was moving forward quite peacefully and with my semi-large account I was even able to be unhittable for a while.

We were in a very strong position with large accounts like Aggie (main), WaitandSee and Lover growing at a faster rate than our historic rival LaCN’s main, TheGodFather_LaCN, played by Spiderwoman again as had been the case since Age 17. Our relative strength compared to the strength of other individual chains made our rivals reconsider their options.

After a few months of peaceful ranking and banking, SR leadership found out about a plot that involved several alliances including LaCN + FoD (=LaCN/FoD chain), FF + LoP + TUE (=FLT chain) and NWO. They had been planning to declare war against the SR chain (SR + AaA + LH + APEX) on christmas eve and when we found out about that, we obviously had to respond in a suitable way and so we declared on LaCN/FoD/FLT a few days before christmas. NWO was left out because according to our intel, there was still a chance of them not participating. A few days after we declared they joined in though and so we fought them too.

If the age would be lasting 4 months like the previous age, then that would mean only a few days of warring. But there was no way of knowing when the age would end, so we had to be prepared for a long war as well. APEX had left the SR chain but together with the remaining allies AaA and LH, SR put in a good shift against the enemy. The war was probably slightly in SR’s favour but it can be considered quite an even war considering the TFFs, values and number of participants.

Since the start of the war, I had been doing my share of sabotaging and raiding regularly. However after a couple of weeks of warring, I was going to be working at an event and I was not going to be able to bank properly and I was not going to be able to sab at all, so I decided to sell off my remaining value to AaApocalypse-SR (AaA’s main and SR chain’s second trickle).

I was happy that I did because at the time of the event, the End of Age timer came up. It was scheduled to end on the last day of the event exactly at the time when I would be attending the afterparty. So there was no time or opportunity for me to really participate in this age’s EoA developments. I was happy to learn Aggie had finished the Age ranked #1 and that SR-AaA-LH also finished as the #1 alliance in the game. Despite the coalition against our chain, we had succeeded to win the age and for the first time it was two in a row.

Age 20 Statistics:
My personal endrank: #397
SR main account: Aggie-SR
Main’s endrank: #1
SR’s alliance rank: #1

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Age 21 – The peaceful age
Age 21 started with a change of leadership in SR. Lummie had announced nearing the end of Age 20 that he had met his goals in SR and that he was going to start a new project outside SR. Waitandsee, who had come back from retirement and who had build an impressive account, replaced Lummie as leader near the end of the previous age. Pepsels was chosen to play the main account for SR and allies AaA.

On a personal level, Age 21 was a rather quiet age. I built a medium sized account, but my time spent on the game became less due to real life commitments. In the almost 6 years that I had been in SR, Age 21 was also the first age with no conflicts involving SR. The fact that we didn’t get involved in any wars also limited my time spent on the game. A war would have probably increased my activity a bit.

Age 21 could probably be considered as an age of transition for many alliances. Lummie’s new project called Notorious Veterans (NV) was formed and they had a decent following and so they showed some promise of a new force in the KoC landscape. LaCN and FoD ended their partnership and FoD ended up in a dispute with Gladiators which would last the entire age. RL left their longlasting alliance with FF and LoP, and they started a new partnership with other veteran war alliance DEMK. This new partnership, which was called DRS, ended up warring NV for a short while before NV admitted defeat in their first ever war as an alliance.

Nearing the end of the age SR’s advantage was big enough to secure the win, though the announcement of the timer was inconvenient. Pepsels would be away on a weekend at the time of the age ending. I had built an ideal “wizard” account and with an account not suited to rank, but well equiped to accumulate a lot of value quickly through wizarding, I chose to wizard my turns away and sell my account, which was valued around 40 billion, to Pepsels. Several other SR members chose to do the same and this gave Pepsels a substantial lead and security to make sure SR would also win their first ‘no-conflict’-age.

Age 21 Statistics:
My personal endrank: #566
SR main account: Pepsels-SR
Main’s endrank: #1
SR’s alliance rank: #1

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Age 22 – A close call
After a somewhat boring Age 21, Age 22 proved to be anything but boring. Much like in the previous age, I had limited time to play and so I only witnessed parts of this age. I even went inactive for a while and missed the End of Age (EoA) because of that. And what an EoA it turned out to be!

Like in previous ages, SR could count on AaA to be a powerfull chain ally. As a token of respect for AaA, Anvox, who was chosen to play the main account, adjusted his username to include AaA in it. We were also happy to welcome the experienced DEMK as chain allies. Age 22 saw the return of shk1020 to leadership in SR. Together with Pepsels, Zig and sheepz.

After 3 ages of SR dominance, the other alliances who were supposed to challenge SR,  didn’t resign to that reality. What started as a small ‘war’ against SR, AaA and DEMK, initiated by TUE, an alliance consisting of less than a dozen of players at the time, turned into a full scale war in which most of the other alliances got involved in. The official title of the war thread on GUA was the following: RL/TA/TAS/TUE/FOD/GLDS/FF-LoP/AoD vs SR/AAA/DEMK. So a total of 9 alliances teamed up to try and push us from the top spot.

Now, I wish I could tell you all the details on how the war developed, but I was very inactive and actually saw my account go inactive during this age and so I was not there to witness it. According to the witnesses it was a hard fought war that could have gone either way. No truce or surrender was reached by either side and so it was the end of the age that ended this epic war.

The combined forces of our enemy alliances decided to try and push one account, B-A-S, to the topspot at the EoA by all of them selling to him. However, we didn’t sit back of course and Anvox managed to take the topspot ahead of B-A-S, which basically gave SR the bragging rights for the war and the age.

Age 22 Statistics:
My personal endrank: n/a
SR main account: AaAnvox-SR
Main’s endrank: #1
SR’s alliance rank: #1

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Age 23 – Hacked and suspended
The alliances that had formed one group to try and stop SR from winning Age 22, were now known under one name: Dark Avengers. After 4 ages of being allied, AaA sought a new challenge and formed a new alliance with Sons of Liberty. From now on they would be called Solace. It didn’t take long before SR (and inchain allies DEMK) got involved in a war with DA, but this war was not going to be the biggest story of Age 23.

I had missed the start of the age and I was also very inactive during the first month. However the declaration of war between SR and DA brought me back to activity. I had a small account with no officer bonus and no real value, but I raided the 7 main raid targets every day. I ended up in the top 5 raiders of every raid target, topping the raidcharts on some of them.

But this war never got to play itself out entirely. A hacker had corrupted the Kings of Chaos database and altered numbers, banned players and basically ruined the game for everyone. The game was suspended and the age was written off because the damage that was done to the game was too much to be able to restart the current age with a level playing field. Even though there are no official endrankings, it should be mentioned that DEMK member Umbrus, SR’s ally, was #1 at the time of the shutdown.

The game was down for a while as KoC admins and moderators were working on changes to the game to make it more secure again. While this was going on, shk1020 and Zig had announced to step down from leadership and Anvox stepped up as new leader of SR. QoSD, an SR advisor, who had built herself a large account in Age 22 and who played the main account in this tainted Age 23, was also not going to play main in the upcoming age. An interesting age was about to come up…

Age 23 Statistics:
My personal endrank: n/a
SR main account: QoSD-SR
Main’s endrank: n/a
SR’s alliance rank: n/a

*No Endranking due to the age getting suspended.

Age 23.5 – The beta age
We are being told by the KoC moderators that this is a Beta Age. This means that changes can and will be made during the course of this age to test new stuff. We have learned so far that the game is under new ownership. This has resulted in the game getting updates again. Let’s find out those changes together!

Age 23.5 Statistics:
My personal endrank: #82
SR main account: EleX-SR
Main’s endrank: #3
SR’s alliance rank: #2

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Era 1
Era is ongoing…

Era 1 Statistics:
My personal endrank: ?
SR main account: Aggie-SR
Main’s endrank: ?
SR’s alliance rank: ?