How to start the new age


Activate your account

When a new age starts, you do not need to register again. You can just log in with your current account details and you’ll be given the option to change your nickname and your race.

When choosing your nickname, we request (not an obligation of course) to add -SR after your nickname to make yourself recognizable as an SR member on the battlefield.

When picking a race, you have to decide what kind of strategy you wish to use in the upcoming age.

What race to choose

  • Humans: If you plan to build a relatively large account with a large Total Fighting Force, then you can choose Humans because of their income bonus. Especially when you are able to bank a lot of your Turn Based Gold income througout the day.
  • Orcs: If you will play a smaller account with a smaller Total Fighting Force, and/or you’re not a great banker and/or you’re mostly going to depend on slaying (attacking for gold) to earn gold for building your account, then you can choose Orcs because it adds a bonus % to your attack strength which will help you get in range of better attack targets that hold more gold for you to steal.
  • Elves and Undead: I would usually advise to only use these races for strategy purposes when a war breaks out. Elves can also be used for slayers, because it reduces casualties when attacking and it gives a spy bonus that can help you find better targets to attack. Undead are usually only a good idea in wars for specific high TFF accounts who need to reduce casualties to protect against raids and who need the extra Sentry Rating to put enemy sabbers out of range.
  • Dwarves: I would advise against choosing this race except in some very specific situations that usually apply to only a few people in certain circumstances. It’s also usually only used as a racechange during the age, rather than a choice to start an age with. Dwarves is a race for bankers with high DA.

Your commander in the new age

If you were my officer in the age that is about to end, then you will also automatically be set as my officer in the next age once you activate your account in the new age. It is however possible that you have activated your account before I have activated mine!

In that case your account will show up as commanderless on the battlefield. This is just temporarily until I activate my account! When I activate my account (which will certainly happen within the first hours of a new age, you will be connected to the SR chain again.


Install GO

If you are in SR right now, you probably have GO installed and activated. With a new age, the GO database will be reset and you will need to reactivate GO.

You can just ask me for activation in a private message, on IRC or on Discord. If I’m still sleeping or not around just yet on IRC, you can also ask any of the leaders, advisors or Tier 3 members of SR to activate your GO account for the new age. You will be able to find them on IRC or Discord.

If my account is not active yet and therefor you are not connected to the chain yet (which is required to get access to GO), just say to whoever is busy activating, that you are my officer and that you will be connected to the SR chain as soon as I have activated my account.


Use your first turns on conquesting

As soon as the new age starts, it is usually a good idea to spend your starting gold on Strike Action (invest in attack weapons) and start using your turns on conquests!

By conquesting early, you will keep repairs to your attack weapons limited when conquesting. If you wait with the conquests, your account will have grown and your Strike Action will have grown too and that will cause you to have higher repair costs. Those repair costs are a waste, especially when the smaller conquests like wolves, halflings, gnomes,… don’t gain you much gold.

The objective of conquests is to gain Experience Points (XP) really fast. With each conquest you will spend 10 turns and in return you receive 50 XP. That’s a 5 to 1 ratio for points versus used turns! To compare: attacking gives you a 1 to 1 ratio and sabotaging gives you a 2 to 1 ratio.

After a while when you’re doing the same conquest, the amount of XP you receive will reduce, but it remains worth it and profitable until the amount of XP you receive drops below 20 gained XP. This happens after exactly 62 times of  doing the same conquest.

When doing a conquest, make sure your Strike Action is at least 2.3 times bigger than the DA of the conquest you are doing.

E.g.: For Wolves, you should have a Strike Action of at least 230 (Wolves’ DA = 100). By having that high an SA compared to the DA, you will also steal some gold about 95% of the time while doing the conquest.

Use the gained XP solely on Technological Development which you can find in the Training section of KoC. Tech upgrades will increase all 4 stats by 5% and it improves your overall strenght dramatically. The game also allows for XP to be used on Economic Development, but we have calculated that to have the same stats with the extra gold from Economy upgrades, it is a lot more expensive to get there through Economic Development which makes it not worth it. Therefor we recommend to only use XP on Tech upgrades.


Start clicking ‘morale’ to increase your armysize

Clicking and increasing your Total Figthing Force (TFF) is vital in KoC because it allows you to grow your stats, your strength and eventually your rank. Your Turn Based Gold (TBG) is largely dependent on your TFF and a bigger TFF equals a bigger gold income. In the new age, everyone will be clicking, so your gained morale (which you gain by clicking) will convert quickly into new soldiers for your growing army.

If you already downloaded GO, then you will also have SR’s clicker installed because the clicker is now part of GO. This clicker will enable you to click faster than you would be able to do with the ingame clicker on the Recruit page. If you don’t have GO installed yet, then just check out my ‘notice from commander’ in your Command Center to download it and then contact me or any of the SR leaders, advisors or Tier 3 members for activation. Once you have GO installed, you will find a button that says ‘Launch Recruiter’ on the Recruit page. Click that to start clicking!


Recruit officers

When a new age starts, there’s usually an influx of new players and returning players who may be looking for a commander and an alliance to be part of. To make the alliance stronger and to also increase your own strength, you should try to recruit those players. These people usually base their decission on the message you send them and what you can offer them.

When you’re an SR member, you can offer them the same tools we have once offered you upon joining SR. This includes GO (the stats logger that also includes the clicker), access to private chatrooms on IRC and Discord, forum access (access to guides and help),…

Having a somewhat high rank also gives new people the idea that you are a successful player and it can increase the chances of people joining you over someone else. Therefor it’s recomended you try to get a more or less decent rank when the age starts. To get tips on how to recruit and what to send, you can check out my article on how to write a recruit message and you can of course always contact me. You can also check out some of the recruiting tips you can find on the SR forums.

Remember that 5 active officers will increase your stats by a 12.5%. Once you have 10 active officers, your stats will get a 25% bonus. Between 5 and 10 active officers, each extra active officer will give you an extra 2.5% increase in strength to all stats. “Active officer” means they logged into their KoC account in the last 24 hours.

This guide should give you a good start and will put you on your way of success in the upcoming age. Any more questions can of course be directed to me directly.