Become a member

Do you wish to join forces with Sweet Revenge? This is all you need to do to become a member:

  • Read and agree to SR’s Battlefield Policy
    The Battlefield Policy is basically a set of rules and guidelines to uphold on the battlefield as to ensure all our member conduct themselves in a respectful and proper manner and to ensure all our members are treated in a similar manner by everybody else. It also exist to protect each and every SR member.
  • Join the Sweet Revenge command chain
    All SR members are linked to eachother on the Battlefield of Kings of Chaos through commander and officer relations. Set an SR member as your commander to become a member yourself.

After joining you will be able to enjoy all the benefits that come with being an SR member:

  • Access to our clicker (GO) which will help you gain many soldiers quickly.
  • Access to our tool called Game Over (GO): this is an awesome tool that helps you find a lot of gold very quickly.
  • Access to our forums which has many guides and helpfull topics to discuss the game.
  • Protection against others: we have a Battlefield Policy, and if other alliances/people break that, SR reacts as an alliance to protect our own members.
  • Access to our private chatrooms on IRC and Discord: it has lots of experienced SR members that will gladly help you with anything you may need assistance with.
  • …..