Battlefield Policy

The Battlefield Policy you find here, is the official SR policy as it was on March 17, 2018 (Age 23.5).
Find the official and latest update of the Battlefield Policy on the public SR forums.

1. No Recruiting
Recruiting SR members is not allowed. Recruiting a SR member will result in a warning for the first offense. Second offenses will result in an approval. Length to be determined by SR BF Mods.

2. No Raiding or Massing
Raids will result in 10 sab turns per raid. If it happens once accidentally, send an apology, mistakes do happen. Multiple raids will be considered massing.

Massing is determined as consecutive raids/attacks in an attempt to cause weapon damage or to kill soldiers. Approval time to be set by BF Mod depending on the nature of the offense.

*Be advised, 2 raids aren’t necessarily a mass. SR never approved anyone over 2 raids, it will result in 20 turns sabbed unless the person has a negative history against SR, this may lead straight to approval. Only if the intention of a damaging act is clear, it will be assumed a mass. Raid checks for gold are sabbed 10 turns per check.

3. Low Hits
Stealing less than 30 minutes of Turn Based Gold (TBG) is considered a low hit by SR.
Hits for less than 30 minutes of TBG may result in 10 turns of sabs by the SR member attacked or another member from SR.
Exception: Low hits are invalid in case someone else hit just before the offender or the defender banked the gold (within 2 minutes). You must send a message when this occurs.

**in the event you do hit under 30 minutes, you can and should always try to send a message to the person you’ve hit. Bad %’s happen, and it’s just a courtesy to apologize. It’s then up to the one attacked to decide. If he sabs 10 turns (or asks someone to sab in his/her place)or accept your apology. Being nice goes a long way; especially when it’s the first time and accidental.

** SR understands the KoC RNG percentages can cause low hits, but abuse of our low hit policy will result in harsher punishments.

**This doesn’t apply for alliances we’ve made a separate agreement with, read here

4. Defended Hits
Each Defended hit will be sabbed for 10 turns.
Abusing and intentionally risking hits may result in harsher punishment if determined by SR BF Mods.

**Advice to slayers: we suggest you avoid targets with greater than 80-85% DA/SA ratio due to a higher risk of defended hits.

5. Farming
No Farming Policy. KoC allows 10 hits a day!

6. Unprovoked Sabotage
This may result in a 24 hour approval, and a message from BFMod. Any retaliation will add another 24 (or more) hours. In the event of unprovoked sabs on more than 1 SR member, “Chaining”, approval TBD by BFMod.

7. BF Actions by SR
In the event an SR member takes action on another KoC player, it is his/her responsibility to make sure the offender is sent the proper message explaining WHY they were sabbed.

8. In Chain Disputes
GO policy applies to In-Chain disputes. All In-Chain disputes are to be settled fairly, and respectfully between each member, if an agreement cannot be reached in a civil matter, request BF Mod or T3+ involvement.

SR never supports in chain sabs.

9. Limitations to this BF Policy
Except for recruiting, this BF Policy will not be enforced on actions older than 5 days, unless communication has begun with a SR BF mod or leader and it taking longer to attain information. They will be considered forgiven and measures against them will be considered unprovoked.

*If you choose to mirror our policy, then it must be followed correctly and verified by a SR BF mod or leader
*SR reserves the right to change it’s policy whenever it’s needed
*SR reserves the right to enforce your policy against you whenever a SR BF Moderator sees it fit.
*SR BF Moderators reserve the right to handle issues on a case-by-case basis.
*SR policy is only for attacks made against SR, and when attacking other alliances we will try to follow their respective policies.
*SR members should speak to a SR BF moderator before enforcing our policy