About me

KoC username: GoddessAriana-SR
Real name: Ariana
Age: 34
Gender: Female
Country: Belgium
Languages: Dutch, English, French, Italian and German
Stats link: https://www.kingsofchaos.com/stats.php?id=4505565
Recruit link: https://www.kingsofchaos.com/recruit.php?uniqid=gg9yr399

What Age did you start playing?
I first got to know Kings of Chaos in Age 3. After a few ages of playing randomly, I quit as late as Age 5 or 6 (I don’t remember exactly). I rediscovered the game again halfway Age 14 and this is where my current journey begins.

What alliances have you been part of?
In the early ages, I remember being part of the Phoenix Rising chain and also part of the Lord Galdor’s Clan chain, but I was never really actively participating in the alliances.

In the more recent past I joined Sweet Revenge (SR) in Age 14, because the first invitation that I received to join an alliance, came from an SR member. I have been part of SR ever since.

Who was your first commander?
My first commander was FresH_ve (aka Fresh-SR), an SR member and a Belgian player like me. He taught me how to build a strong account in the current setup of Kings of Chaos. I learned the benefits of being part of an alliance, the benefits of having officers, the benefits of clicking and the benefits of a large army.

My commanders:
Age 14: FresH_ve
Age 15: Fresh-SR, Kab, Prinzip-SR (main), Poseidon, Venom-SR (new main)

Age 16: Phoenix-SR (main), Ele-SR
Age 17: Alpha-SR (main)
Age 18: Sharabash-SR (main), Boena, thebaldchinian-SR
Age 19: Brandonito (main), Waitandsee-SR, Falcon_Punch_AaA
Age 20: Aggie-SR (main), Mjolnir-SR, Waitandsee-SR
Age 21: Pepsels-SR (main), Tobi
Age 22: AaAnvox-SR (main), SomAaAx-SR, wildcat
Age 23: Sheepz-SR
Age 23.5: EleX-SR (main), XoVnA-SR, RobertvanWinkle

Era 1: Aggie-SR (main), Charith–SR

Favourite race:

Highest rank:
For 3 ages in a row (Age 15 to 17) I’ve held rank #1 for at least one rankupdate at some point in the age.
I’ve never played for an endranking though and I usually sell of my account to others who do have ranking ambitions. The highest endranking that I achieved was Age 18 where I ranked #77 without setting ranking as a goal. We were at war at the time and the age ended suddenly without a chance for me to sell off to someone else unfortunately.