People who play Kings of Chaos have developed their own lingo with a lot of abbreviations that would be unclear for a new player. Here’s a list of abbreviations and terms that are often used in Kings of Chaos.

KoC = Kings of Chaos
SA = Strike Action
DA = Defensive Action
TFF = Total Fighting Force (also called Army size)
UP = Unit Production or Conscription Rate (daily production of new soldiers)
TBG = Turn Based Gold (Gold income per minute)
HoG = Hand of God (the top upgrade for DA)

IRC (or mIRC) = chatchannels used to communicate with alliance members and other alliances
GUA = GiveUpAlready (the official Kings of Chaos forums)
GO = Game Over (SR’s tool)
YAR = Yet Another Recruiter (clicker – now incorporated with GO)

AaA = Against all Authority
AoD = Angels of Death
DA = Dark Avengers
DEMK = Dedicated Elite Mortal Kombatants
DRS = Dedicated Relentless St0rms (DEMK/RL/TA)
FF = Fearless Force
FoD = Forces of Darkness
GLD= Gladiators
IB = Inglorious Basterds
LaCN = La Cosa Nostra
LGC = Lord Galdor’s Clan
LH = Legion Hispana
LoP = Lord of Peril
NGF = Next Generation Fighters
NV = Notorious Veterans
NWO = New World Order
R0FL = combination of alliances that joined forces which includes LoP, FF, RL and TA.
RL = Relentless Legacy
RS = Relentless St0rms
SF = Striker Family
SoL = Solace (now) or Sons of Liberty (in the past)
SR = Sweet Revenge
TA = Thunderst0rm Alliance
ToF = Tears of Fury
TS = The Sanctuary
TUE = The United Empire

BP = CP_Bloodpirate-DES
BT = BlackThunder
DM = Dark_Mirage
FJ = Foxy_Jackie
FO = FearlessOrc
FoL = FighterOfLife_LaCN
GA = GoddessAriana
GD = GiantDave
GG = GridironGrace
LR = Lady_Rowan
MG = MadGeorge
MP = MissPoes
QoSD = Queen-of-Shattered-Dreams
TBC = TheBaldChinian
TGF = TheGodFather_LaCN