Do the Tier 1 test to progress within SR

Hello everyone!

I would like to invite you all to something.

KoC is a game that mostly revolves around the community. Sweet Revenge is, within this KoC world, the largest community and I would like to expand a bit about that.

You may have noticed that I have signed some of my messages with ~SR Retired Leader~ or ~SR Advisor~. Those are actually ranks within SR.

To make SR work and in order to make it as organized as possible, we have a ranking system. This ranking system is a system in which you can progress as a member. With each higher level, you will have more responsabilities. However it also gives you more possibilities as you gain higher level access to forums, chat and GO.

This is the structure of the SR ranking system:

New Recruit > Tier 1 > Tier 2 > Tier 3 > Advisor > General/Leader

Then you have a seperate rank for ex-leaders (Retired Veterans) and also for Battlefield Moderators (They usually are part of the Tier 2 or Tier 3), but those are not important for you right now.

Getting promoted to the next levels depends on a lot of factors which include your overall activity and effort for your account and for SR. Activity in the chatrooms, helping your fellow SR members, activity on the SR forums, activity with your account (war effort, recruiting, clicking,…),… It is not just 1 thing, but it’s a large number of things that can get you promoted.

In SR we regularly do a promotion round in which people are chosen by their future peers in a democratic process.

Now… most of you are New Recruits. The first step you can take towards a higher SR rank is take the Tier 1 test. It is a 25 question test to see if you know the basics of the game. If you pass, you will be set as ‘eligable to get promoted’. This does not mean you will definitely get promoted the next promotion round, but it’s the first step to take.

What seperates SR from a lot of other alliances is the fact that we regularly make personnel changes. Any new player in SR has the chance to become a Leader if that is their ambition. You don’t become a Leader overnight of course, but effort, loyalty and skill will make you progress further and further within SR.

If you are interested in progressing the ranks within SR and maybe someday become Leader of the alliance, then I invite you to start by taking that Tier 1 test. And maybe  one day I will be the one reading your blog about how you became Leader of SR. 😉

To do the Tier 1 test, you need forum access. If you do not have that yet, then you need to register a forum account and fill in a forum application. After doing that, you can message me ingame to verify you filled in the application.


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