Age 23.5 – A beta age

We had to wait for a little bit longer than usual for a new age to start, but there were some very good reasons for that. More security was added to the game and bugs were getting fixed to improve the game for its’ players. To reward our patience, the players were awarded a 2,500 Conscription Rate (yes, the conscription rate is now a round number in stead of 2,560), 50 million starter gold and 5,000 turns.

Other changes that were communicated on day 1 were:

  • You can now click each Recruit ID 1x in stead of 5x
  • The reCaptcha was updated to version 2
  • The ownership of the game has changed
  • There is an End of Age timer on every page from day 1 of the age

After some issues regarding the reduced clicklist, the list was increased to 3x again. We are still not aware of who the new owner(s) of KoC is/are, but what we have noticed is a lot of Admin and Moderator activity and that is something to be happy about for sure.

After a couple of days into the age, one of the KoC moderators also made it clear that the current age is going to be a BETA age. This means that changes to the game may be made during the course of this age. This can happen with or without announcement. We, the players, are the ones who get to test everything.

Other notable changes that happened up until now are:

  • Commander changes have been increased to unlimited
  • Race changes have been increased from 3 to 10
  • The 50 million starter gold was removed again as it was exploited
  • Race bonusses have changed for Elves, Dwarves and Undead
  • The Alliance page has been adjusted and debugged. An alliance owner/admin now has the possibility to approve or deny someone’s request of joining their alliance.
  • The Kings of Chaos website is now a HTTPS website rather than HTTP, so more security was added to protect the game and its’ players

So as you can see, KoC admins are actively working on improving Kings of Chaos to offer an even better experience for the players. Keep an eye on the KoC homepage for new updates. You can also give your own feedback about the changes on the Official Kings of Chaos Forums in the New Age Changes-thread or you can make your own suggestions for new features or improvements in the What Changes would you like to see – thread.


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