UPDATE: Kings of Chaos will most likely be up in 2 days

The following was posted on the official KoC Forums by the leading KoC moderator Bon:

The game will be back up…. We are hopefully looking at Friday as to do so…. in the event that all goes to plan there will be a timer on the front page or at least a notification a few hours before it is put back online….

Once we know for sure I will post on GUA, in both KoC channels and messages will be responded to with a definite time….

We have not only worked in fixing the exploits we have also been working what needs to be done….

Players want full disclosure but atm we cannot do so because until we know exactly what is being done it would be pointless to get everyone’s hopes up…. rest assured the game will return in a few days and then we will work on looking at this thread for solid ideas…. once we work out what is plausible we will open a thread and poll to get more feedback….

Understand that no one should be allowed to mess with accounts or give people an unfair advantage over others…. ofcourse it sucks that the hacker was able to do so for so long but the reason for the down time is to make sure it does not happen again….

So we can gather from this that the game will most likely be up sometime on Friday, 2 March. They will also make an announcement about it on the Kings of Chaos homepage, so I would advise to go and check that regularly.

Source: GUA


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