Do the Tier 1 test to progress within SR

Hello everyone!

I would like to invite you all to something.

KoC is a game that mostly revolves around the community. Sweet Revenge is, within this KoC world, the largest community and I would like to expand a bit about that.

You may have noticed that I have signed some of my messages with ~SR Retired Leader~ or ~SR Advisor~. Those are actually ranks within SR.

To make SR work and in order to make it as organized as possible, we have a ranking system. This ranking system is a system in which you can progress as a member. With each higher level, you will have more responsabilities. However it also gives you more possibilities as you gain higher level access to forums, chat and GO.

This is the structure of the SR ranking system:

New Recruit > Tier 1 > Tier 2 > Tier 3 > Advisor > General/Leader

Then you have a seperate rank for ex-leaders (Retired Veterans) and also for Battlefield Moderators (They usually are part of the Tier 2 or Tier 3), but those are not important for you right now.

Getting promoted to the next levels depends on a lot of factors which include your overall activity and effort for your account and for SR. Activity in the chatrooms, helping your fellow SR members, activity on the SR forums, activity with your account (war effort, recruiting, clicking,…),… It is not just 1 thing, but it’s a large number of things that can get you promoted.

In SR we regularly do a promotion round in which people are chosen by their future peers in a democratic process.

Now… most of you are New Recruits. The first step you can take towards a higher SR rank is take the Tier 1 test. It is a 25 question test to see if you know the basics of the game. If you pass, you will be set as ‘eligable to get promoted’. This does not mean you will definitely get promoted the next promotion round, but it’s the first step to take.

What seperates SR from a lot of other alliances is the fact that we regularly make personnel changes. Any new player in SR has the chance to become a Leader if that is their ambition. You don’t become a Leader overnight of course, but effort, loyalty and skill will make you progress further and further within SR.

If you are interested in progressing the ranks within SR and maybe someday become Leader of the alliance, then I invite you to start by taking that Tier 1 test. And maybe  one day I will be the one reading your blog about how you became Leader of SR. 😉

To do the Tier 1 test, you need forum access. If you do not have that yet, then you need to register a forum account and fill in a forum application. After doing that, you can message me ingame to verify you filled in the application.


Age 23.5 – A beta age

We had to wait for a little bit longer than usual for a new age to start, but there were some very good reasons for that. More security was added to the game and bugs were getting fixed to improve the game for its’ players. To reward our patience, the players were awarded a 2,500 Conscription Rate (yes, the conscription rate is now a round number in stead of 2,560), 50 million starter gold and 5,000 turns.

Other changes that were communicated on day 1 were:

  • You can now click each Recruit ID 1x in stead of 5x
  • The reCaptcha was updated to version 2
  • The ownership of the game has changed
  • There is an End of Age timer on every page from day 1 of the age

After some issues regarding the reduced clicklist, the list was increased to 3x again. We are still not aware of who the new owner(s) of KoC is/are, but what we have noticed is a lot of Admin and Moderator activity and that is something to be happy about for sure.

After a couple of days into the age, one of the KoC moderators also made it clear that the current age is going to be a BETA age. This means that changes to the game may be made during the course of this age. This can happen with or without announcement. We, the players, are the ones who get to test everything.

Other notable changes that happened up until now are:

  • Commander changes have been increased to unlimited
  • Race changes have been increased from 3 to 10
  • The 50 million starter gold was removed again as it was exploited
  • Race bonusses have changed for Elves, Dwarves and Undead
  • The Alliance page has been adjusted and debugged. An alliance owner/admin now has the possibility to approve or deny someone’s request of joining their alliance.
  • The Kings of Chaos website is now a HTTPS website rather than HTTP, so more security was added to protect the game and its’ players

So as you can see, KoC admins are actively working on improving Kings of Chaos to offer an even better experience for the players. Keep an eye on the KoC homepage for new updates. You can also give your own feedback about the changes on the Official Kings of Chaos Forums in the New Age Changes-thread or you can make your own suggestions for new features or improvements in the What Changes would you like to see – thread.

Official Kings of Chaos announcement

Kings of Chaos admins and moderators have made an announcement on the KoC homepage:

March 3, 2018.
Message From Your Mods:: New Age Is Coming!!

The admins/mods have been working hard not only to get the game back up and running without the exploits that caused the game to go down in the first place but have also added a few changes you might notice.

Once we have a definitive time that the game will be back up we will give everyone a 2 hour window to prepare for the relaunch.

We will also list changes made to the game before the launch so you can all get your strategies worked out before the new age starts.

We apologize for the delay and appreciate your understanding and hope you will enjoy some of the new additions added as a thank you for waiting out our downtime.

KoC Admins/Moderators.

Keep an eye on the homepage in the next 24 hours and get ready to start the new age. Need tips on how to get started? Read this!



UPDATE: Kings of Chaos will most likely be up in 2 days

The following was posted on the official KoC Forums by the leading KoC moderator Bon:

The game will be back up…. We are hopefully looking at Friday as to do so…. in the event that all goes to plan there will be a timer on the front page or at least a notification a few hours before it is put back online….

Once we know for sure I will post on GUA, in both KoC channels and messages will be responded to with a definite time….

We have not only worked in fixing the exploits we have also been working what needs to be done….

Players want full disclosure but atm we cannot do so because until we know exactly what is being done it would be pointless to get everyone’s hopes up…. rest assured the game will return in a few days and then we will work on looking at this thread for solid ideas…. once we work out what is plausible we will open a thread and poll to get more feedback….

Understand that no one should be allowed to mess with accounts or give people an unfair advantage over others…. ofcourse it sucks that the hacker was able to do so for so long but the reason for the down time is to make sure it does not happen again….

So we can gather from this that the game will most likely be up sometime on Friday, 2 March. They will also make an announcement about it on the Kings of Chaos homepage, so I would advise to go and check that regularly.

Source: GUA

Age 23 is dead, long live Age 23

After just two months into Age 23, KoC was taken down by the admins because of a hacker that was messing with the database of the game. Admins and mods are working hard right now to get the game up and running again as soon as possible. Please keep an eye on the KoC homepage where the (re)start of the new age will be announced soon. All stats will be reset and the game will start again from scratch.

The end of Age 19 is announced – what to do

Hello everyone!

Most of you have probably seen the End of Age timer on top of the KoC page… The one that says:

For those who have not witnessed and End of Age, this is what will happen:

When the timer’s up, the game will stop and there will be a final ranking for Age 19. This final ranking might not be available instantly though, so please remain patient for it.

The next age (Age 20 in this case) will usually start a few hours after the previous age has ended. In the past I’ve seen the new age start less than 2 hours after the previous one had ended but I’ve also seen it start up to 6 hours later. This time however it is also possible that the new age will start almost immediately after Age 19 has ended, because for the first time the KoC admins have used an automated process to end an age. This tells me they might have one too for the restart.

In the new age it is important to get a good start so when that new age starts, you can follow these steps to setup your account to give yourself the best chance.

I hope I will have the privilige to see you all again in SR and as my officer in Age 20!

Thank you for your continued support!


GoddessAriana starts new website for Kings of Chaos

Hello everyone,

I started this website with a couple of ideas and goals in the back of mind and I wish to explain you what I want to do here for you.

First of all I want to keep you – my Kings of Chaos officers – informed with news that may concern you. This could go from announcements by admins to alliance competitions that you can compete in. This page will be where you will go to find the latest news.

Secondly I want this website to be a source of information for new players and older returning players. A lot of information about Kings of Chaos can be found on different forums and on different websites, but rarely do you find it all in one place and in a userfriendly way.

Finally I want to do things a little differently than the majority of players in Kings of Chaos by using modern media to find new players who wish to be part of a gaming community that has existed for over a decade and that is unique in its simplicity.

I hope you will appreciate this website