The end of Age 19 is announced – what to do

Hello everyone!

Most of you have probably seen the End of Age timer on top of the KoC page… The one that says:

For those who have not witnessed and End of Age, this is what will happen:

When the timer’s up, the game will stop and there will be a final ranking for Age 19. This final ranking might not be available instantly though, so please remain patient for it.

The next age (Age 20 in this case) will usually start a few hours after the previous age has ended. In the past I’ve seen the new age start less than 2 hours after the previous one had ended but I’ve also seen it start up to 6 hours later. This time however it is also possible that the new age will start almost immediately after Age 19 has ended, because for the first time the KoC admins have used an automated process to end an age. This tells me they might have one too for the restart.

In the new age it is important to get a good start so when that new age starts, you can follow these steps to setup your account to give yourself the best chance.

I hope I will have the privilige to see you all again in SR and as my officer in Age 20!

Thank you for your continued support!



GoddessAriana starts new website for Kings of Chaos

Hello everyone,

I started this website with a couple of ideas and goals in the back of mind and I wish to explain you what I want to do here for you.

First of all I want to keep you – my Kings of Chaos officers – informed with news that may concern you. This could go from announcements by admins to alliance competitions that you can compete in. This page will be where you will go to find the latest news.

Secondly I want this website to be a source of information for new players and older returning players. A lot of information about Kings of Chaos can be found on different forums and on different websites, but rarely do you find it all in one place and in a userfriendly way.

Finally I want to do things a little differently than the majority of players in Kings of Chaos by using modern media to find new players who wish to be part of a gaming community that has existed for over a decade and that is unique in its simplicity.

I hope you will appreciate this website